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Minerva Medica Happiness Tincture 4 oz


An Organic and Completely Natural Tincture to Help Alleviate Sadness and Increase Energy. Organic plants which have been used for centuries to alleviate depression and heavy moods.

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Product Description

Inspiried by many dear friends and people who are trying their best to stay hopeful in these changing times, ”Happiness Tincture” was created with a great deal of research and input from Professional Doctors and Healers.

The Organic Herbs used in this tincture are ancient in their medicinal use for healing low energy and depression. They are highly respected for their ability to enhance moods and bring forth states of natural joy and bliss.

I suggest taking 1 tbs each night before going to bed with a bit of water or herbal tea, for about 14-16 days.

*this is a suggestion and not a prescription, please check with your physicial before use.

I am delighted with the outcome and hope that it can help people reclaim their joy within  and alleviate sadness.

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