Minerva Facial Grains For Youth – 4oz Glass Jar

Minerva Facial Grains For Youth – 4oz Glass Jar


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Natural facial scrub for problem skin.

Young people often think they can ‘scrub’ that acne away with harsh store-bought chemicals, which actually irritate the skin and add unnecessary toxins (just pick up a jar or bottle of any acne product at your local pharmacy or cosmetic counter!). What blemished skin needs is a deep cleansing mild product which works as an antibacterial without further irritating the skin. A follow up with Minerva Medica Facial Toner (which has a base of raw organic apple cider and more medicinal herbs) is excellent for acne as well!

Apply 1-2 tbs to your palm, wet and apply to face, gently scrubbing with flat palms to exfoliate and deep clean, rinse with water *follow with minerva facial toner for a thorough daily cleanse.

Contains: organic mineral clay, oats, almonds, goldenseal, slippery elm, lavender and chamomile flowers.

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