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Minerva Medica Herbal Antibiotic Tincture 4oz Bottle


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A Natural & Organic Herbal Antibiotic + Immune Builder for strengthening resistance to toxins, radiation and various bacteria.

A great deal of time and research have gone into creating this potent yet natural tincture to help us stay ‘ahead of the game’ when it comes to nourishing and cleaning our liver, blood, and various functions of our body.  The multitude of dangerous chemicals and bacteria we are subjugated to each day in our food, water, air and land has become overwhelming BUT there are medicinal herbs which work ‘with’ our bodies and can naturally help us through these trying times.

~This Tincture has also been successful in curing certain infections in the body. I am not a physician and cannot legally make any claims to this process. Researching these ancient and effective herbs which have been used throughout history to cure infections is always advised.

Suggested Use: take 1 tbs daily  for 3 day intervals as needed with water, tea or natural juice.

*This is a Suggested Use not a Prescription. Please Consult your physician Before Use

Contains: Milk Thistle, Elderflowers, Artichoke Leaf, Neem Leaf, Pao d’Arco, Quassia, Rock Rose, St. John’s Wort, Peppermint, Ligustrum, Aloe Vera, Goldenseal Root, Usnea and Brandy.



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