Minerva Medica Warrior Tonic - 12oz Glass Bottle

Minerva Medica Warrior Tonic – 12oz Glass Bottle


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A 100% Natural, Herbal Nutritive and Tasty Tonic for Men. Organic herbs, Black Cherry and Brandy assist in maintaining and nourishing the male endocrine system – can be taken and enjoyed as an aperitif!

The super-charged medicinal herbs found in nature for men are commonly used in the treatment and prevention of prostate issues and as a toner and male organ ‘enhancement’ in many cultures around the world and throughout history. A popular amount is: 1/8 cup (a “shot” or small aperitif glass) per week is suggested. These herbs, particularly organically grown, are costly so please keep in mind the price at the dose above will last 12-14 weeks! *Over the counter capsules and prescriptions are well above this price range and often overly processed and of poor quality. Salute!

Contains the following organic herbs: saw palmetto berries, wild yam root, sarsaparilla, sassafras, astragalus, fo-ti, damiana, eleuthero, ginger, licorice, star anise, panax ginseng roots, Parsley Root, Nettle Root, Ashwaganda, Vanilla, Brandy and Black cherry.

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