Minerva Medica Trilogy
for Beautiful Healthy Skin

A natural organic and nourishing daily treatment for all skin types with the finest facial products available in nature.

  1. MINERVA MEDICA FACIAL GRAINS is a rich earthen scrub which cleans off the top layer of dirt and toxins from your face and also helps to close pores and firm the skin. All natural and organic. *For Youthful and problem skin try the MINERVA MEDICA FACIAL GRAINS FOR YOUTH AND ACNE, with added medical herbs which help disinfect the pores and clean deeply.
  2. MINERVA MEDICA FACIAL TONER is used with a cotton ball to cleanse and nourish your skin. It removes deeper layers of unwanted dirt, makeup and toxins and then adds natural medicinal herbs in Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to actually nourish your skin, leaving it feeling very soft and vibrant. Your skin begins to awaken here as the beauty of plants cleanses and purifies.
  3. MINERVA MEDICA DREAM CREAM is applied after the Toner dries. Only one small application of this wonderful natural daily creme’ is needed. It is rich, protective and medicinal. This rich natural moisturizer is food for the skin which, unlike most commercial creams, penetrates the epidermal layer and moisturizes the dermal layer, lasting the entire day. A temporary glow will absorb fully within a few minutes.

Minerva Medica Trilogy System is very popular among all ages and all types of skin.

There is also a ‘travel’ size pack available for those on the go. I fully believe there is nothing better available on the market for a fantastic daily skin cleansing program.